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On 16th July 2020, we have launched our inaugural bonded truck service from Port Klang to Singapore. We are immensely proud to announce that we are the first consolidator in Port Klang to launch this cross-border bonded service.


Current weekly truck departure from Port Klang CFS is on every Thursday with arrival at Singapore CFS on Friday.


With increasing sophisticated customers of diversified needs, the inception of this bonded service offers customers an alternate conduit to transport their cargo from Port Klang to Singapore for re-export to worldwide destinations. With this bonded truck service complementing the existing ocean freight service to Singapore and linking the 2 major hubs ever closer in a cooperative relationship, it forges greater synergy between the 2 hubs and brings about a complementary effect from each other in terms of the wider service networks, therefore, gaining an edge over competitors. In addition to our existing 47 direct export services and 55 direct import services,


The advantages of using bonded truck over feedering to transport cargo to Singapore for further re-export are as such;


  • Cost effectiveness – It is more economical than sea freight mode and that translates into better rates given to customers as compared to sea freight.
  • Time effective – It is usually faster than sea freight. It takes only about 2 days from PKL CFS to SIN CFS and this allows prompt connection in Singapore for urgent transhipment cargo.
  • Organized and Efficient Route – Scheduled weekly departures and defined route ensure your cargo reaches Singapore swiftly. Vessels departures are usually on a fixed schedule but with trucking, on the contrary, it can be much more flexible on the departure times.


We are confident of establishing a strong recognition and product loyalty for our bonded service on the basis of the above-mentioned benefits. In addition to our existing core of 47 direct export services and 55 direct import services, this is another important milestone achieved and as a first mover to adopt such transportation concept in Port Klang, we are committed in identifying areas for improvement to further fine tune this service even more in order to deliver a first-class experience to customers.


For enquiry on bonded service, please contact the following personnel in our Port Klang office.

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