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Globelink Port Klang is the Head Quarters for all the branches in Malaysia and currently with more than 100 employees in Port Klang. We have been operating for more than 24 years and till date we are still standing true to our principle of being a neutral Master Co-loader providing LCL services to all the co loaders / forwarders in this region.

A humble beginning back then with only providing a service trans-shipping via Singapore to various countries. Today we have grown and offers many direct ports directly from Port Klang direct to destinations ports and operating as a vital LCL Transhipment hub for other countries connecting them to Asia and other countries.

Cargoes and operations are being operated at our primary warehouse location housed in Northport while our secondary operation is located in Westport. Such set up enables us to utilize all the Shipping lines and provide a better connectivity for transshipment cargoes.

Today, Globelink Malaysia is being recognized by all major International and local freight forwarders as their LCL partner and we are glad to provide our services to them.

Following are our key personnel in Port Klang:

Cynthia Low Business Development Manager [email protected]
Alicia Tan Finance Manager [email protected]
Shirley Yip Head of Operation Division (Export and Import) [email protected]
Lynn Chong Manager, Sales Division [email protected]
Jace Kee Manager - Overseas Department [email protected]

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