About Check Point 5 Kampung PUOM – Globelink Ultron TITI ULTRA 2018

Welcome to Check Point 5 Kampung Puom – Globelink (CP5)

Globelink Container Line (M) Sdn Bhd was being short listed and again awarded to volunteer at Check Point 5 ( CP5 ) of “Ultron Titi Ultra 2018”. However Globelink was entrusted to the entire Check Point to manage and support for their event where our brand name was included in their programme namely “CP5 Kampung Puom - Globelink”. This event is organised by Endurance Nature at Hulu Langat on 16th to 18th March 2018 covering 50km, 100km, 200km and 250km races .

Last year we volunteered for TITI Ultra by only supplying man power to handle CP 4, 5 and 6. As this year’s event marked the 5th anniversary of this event and it’s a very important year for the organisers and runners, CP5 became the main Check point dubbed “The Grand Check Point” providing the biggest infrastructure and support system to the runners. We obtained approval for the local community at Kampung PUOM to use the entire community hall and its surrounding. The entire area was overhauled to best cater for this event. As the villages had limited resources and with the unfavourable economic situation, we lobbied for funds and contributions among us (staffs of Globelink) and we had the surrounding cleaned up extensively , repaired all toiles , fix all broken water piping , added shower areas and washing areas and also provided extra lightings and electrical points. This was done with the intention that when the event was over, the local community can continue to use the facilities and it’s a form of Globelink and us giving back to the local community for allowing us to use their community hall.

Apart from that, we also enhanced our branding by printing our company banners and had the entire area barricaded for smooth flow for the runners, better traffic control and most of all safety of everyone during the event. We are proud to claim that all the above was done out of staffs own initiative, money and sacrifices to make this CSR project successful.

Other added facilities that we provided were huge rest area with comfortable stretchers, free flow of hot and cold beverages , food and fruits , a permanent medical tent many marshals and many supports from the local community especially the children happily cheering and supporting the runners.

Serious planning and reviews from past runners and our experienced staffs whom volunteered previously help us planned the entire set up and we were able to deliver the most efficient drop bags collection points for runners without them having to wait for their bags.


This is the toughest road ultra-marathon in Malaysia. The route runs through a natural landscape along the Malay village Hulu Langat Batu 14, where rainforest jungles greets you along the undulating winding roads. Runners will run up to 2 major hills and pass by a beautiful lake, which is the major source of drinking water supplied to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Runner will run pass a few Orang Asli villages, where some small huts and Orang Asli are just tugged beside the route. In light of the success of the inaugural event in Feb 2014, the category of 200km and 250km to meet the appetite of those runners who crave for greater challenges. 


TITI ULTRA Categories


Based on official website, there is total 839 participants joining this event in 2018.
250KM – 23 Runners
200KM – 72 Runners
100KM – 415 Runners
50KM – 329 Runners


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100KM & 50KM (here)


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