Route is tough, different with other Marathon. And disappointed because DNF at CP3 (same as last year) due to lack of training. – Jammes from Accounts Department / Participant for 50km category
“YES! I’ve done it. This year I use VICTORY as sweet revenge for TITI 50km which I failed last year. Thanks to Globe Runner team for encouragement, thanks to Steven for his guidance and sharing running knowledge to me. Big credit to Globelink’s volunteer for supporting this event. This year was held at new venue so the facilities had improved a lot and is impressive.” – Reeve from GL Batu Pahat / Finisher for 50km category.
“Struggling to make myself awake after 3km. Many times I was sleep walking, wanted to stop and sleep at roadside. My pace was getting slower & slower. Reeve overtook me then Jammes & Sandy. A lot more runners even walked faster than me. Along the way to CP1, I already planned to DNF & sleep there. Unexpectedly I reached CP1 earlier than COT so I changed my mind to continue the race. Fortunately I made it to each CP on time & ran back to finishing line. Great experience & fun running like a zombie although I did not achieve better timing this round. TITI Ultra 2019 I will be back as volunteer! Maybe yes too as runner!” – Jace from CS Department / Finisher for 50km category.

"First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to our boss, Steven for the opportunity to be part of Globelink volunteers to serve at CP5 and also to participate as a runner in TITI 2018 ultra-race event whereby not everyone get the chance to experience it. Muchas Gracias!

From preparing the needed, clean up & set up the check point station, handling different request from the runners during race and until the event ends. Not easy at all to ensure all in order and well-nourishment for more than 400 participants during the event. You guys have put in effort and made the important & challenging CP5 transformed to a grand checkpoint ever. I can see the exhausted face from you all. Hah 😂 Fantastic👍👏🎉!

It’s was an unexpected achievement for me in this TITI50 race. I had completed 1 hour earlier than what I had analysed and targeted. Much thank you to our very own ‘Globelink’s Michelin Chef’ at CP5, preparing delicious & nourishing breakfast and lunch before race starts to keep our tummy full & energetic. Yummy scrambled egg, nice kopi O, pasta… mmm… 😋😋😋 Not to forget BBQ dinner on the 1st day of the event, please order more fish satay & my favourite asparagus next time 🙏. And, very thankful to all Globelink colleagues for their cheering, guidance and encouragement, it kept me running alone fearlessly at midnight. Thank you guys 😉.

Besides that, congratulations to our Globe Runners whom had finished and achieved better result in their run. To whom that DNF, please don’t give up, be strong and keep challenging yourself 💪.

Again, a Very Big THANK YOU to each and every one, my Globelink team that involved in putting this together and making it such a great experience. You guys all are amazing & excellent ✌ 🌟.

– Chia from GL Kuantan / Finisher & 3rd placing for 50km Women category.


“Learnt how to be a good leader by planning, monitoring and managing the job’s progress to follow as per schedule. Always ready for any changes or unplanned schedule. Also learnt that a successful team is based on cooperation, caring and having a helpful comittee.” – Lisa from HR Department / Team leader for Drop bags.
“Fun, there are some challenges with the flow in the beginning, but it is also motivating to see 250km runners give it their all and also appreciate our volunteers.” – Narrie from Accounts Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“By being a volunteer for this event, I get to know other colleagues who also volunteered which I don’t get the chance to talk to them before this. I also learnt about teamwork when working with other team member to make things runs smoothly.” – Christ from CS Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“Good times become memories, bad times become lessons. I enjoyed being a volunteer for this event.” – JX from Import Department / Team member for F&B and Traffic Controller.
“CP5? Wow! It’s the Grand & busiest checkpoint. I really enjoyed. Was assigned as a leader of the kitchen division for the first time (Group B) & it is like the 24hours ‘kedai mamak’  Run from back to the front to ensure food & hot drinks are enough for the runner. Apart from that, the cooperation given from my team was no disappointment. Although this is our last event at TITI Ultra, I will remember these memories forever.” – Eza from BL Department / Team leader for F&B.
“Good experience and challenging to control many runners at one time. Requires more volunteers in food & beverage to provide satisfactory service to runners.” – Zaliah from OP Division / Team member for F&B and Group C leader.
“Firstly thank you for giving me the opportunity to join again this year. I’m really happy with this event for this year because from beginning till end is all good.” – Hidayah from CS Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“Awesome event! A little chaos when runner arrive but everything was under control.” – Ezreen from BL Department (Despatch) / Runner’s Caretaker.
“I enjoyed the opportunity to be a volunteer for this event. It's a good experience and challenging to expose our ability/managing skill/team work to handle situation in an international event. Just sadly I couldn’t accompany all the colleagues during the peak/difficult time.” – Sandra from T/S Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“A very tiring experience, however I enjoyed it.” – Yuan from Sales Support Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“I learnt to work together, be more aggressive and compromise at the same time. As this is the last TITI Ultra event for us, it will be very memorable with the Globelink team ” – Ida from BL Department / Team member for F&B.
“It was a long, tiring day that was much rewarding experience for volunteering this event TITI 2018.” – Peggy from T/S Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“Enjoy but tired because hot weather.” – Rose from CS Department / Team member for F&B.
“Many memories and knowledge during this event. I learned in group to cook and handle pressure situation. I can’t forget all the moment during this event with all of you. We work together and enjoy this moment together.” – Bella from Import Department / Team member for F&B.
“Lebih menarik & lebih penat dari sebelum ini.  Semua volunteer kerjasama dengan baik.” – Ayu from OP Department / Traffic controller.
“This year is much better than last year. Being remembered by the runners is the best experience I get. I had so much fun. Thank you ” – Mira from Sales Support Department / Traffic controller.
“I learned to manage the pressure situation, where we need to handle the drop bags and at the same time we need to serve runners politely. Thank you for giving us chance to be a volunteer for this event.” – Effa from Import Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“Overall is fun & rest less and thank you all volunteers who put in their effort & energy to make CP5 successful. Had more fun when handling 100km runner’s drop bag and I like the feeling of super fast smooth process when giving out the bags to runners and having good coordination with team. There’s one runner (can't recall his bib but his FB name is Wikki Wong), said really happy to see Globelink's volunteers at CP5 after running all the way for 50.4km.” – Alicia from Finance Deparment / Team leader for Drop bags.
“I’m so glad to be 1 of the volunteers in this TITI Ultra 2018 event. This is because of I get to understand better on how an ultramarathon works and get to experience the event. Besides that, I’m happy to make the runners feels comfortable when I attend them.” – Sam from CS Department / Team member for F&B.
“Firstly thanks to the company for giving me a chance to join TITI Ultra 2018. I learned how to motivate runners, do safety check before they run to next CP  and cheer the runners because they were very tired.” – Nurjeha from Import Department / Traffic controller.
“First time joining this event, it is very fun. When the 100km runner’s drop bags arrived, we rushed to serve the runners but time passed very fast & it is satisfying to help the runners.” – Ivy from Accounts Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“The idea of volunteer are to be there to assist and support but some bossy runners treated us like we get paid from them. I think this is a very good way to train and improve our EQ to deal with different type of people.” – Yap from Forwarding Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“From this event, I learnt the importance of teamwork and to help each other.” – Helon from Accounts Department / Team member for F&B.
“It’s a new experience and I get to know other colleagues better as previously only communicates via phone / never met before.” – Natasha from CS Department / Team member for Drop bags.
“Pertama kali saya ingin berterima kasih kepada company kerana memberi saya peluang untuk join second time for TITI Ultra event. Wow.. Kali ini lagi gempak & lagi ramai orang.. Berganda-ganda. Apa pun saya enjoy sekali & berbesar hati untuk join for next event.” - Ely from BL Department / Team member for F&B.
“First of all, it’s a very great experience since this is my very first time joining volunteer event. I manage to improve my self-confidence by talking and communicate with people that I have never met before. Besides, I can totally differentiate myself with them (runners) because they already have their goals to be achieved and will never give up on it.” – Wan from OP Department / Traffic controller.
“From my perspective, I can see the runners are struggling when running in this event especially 100km, 200km & 250km. (E.g. tired, lost of concentration, eager). In other word, I can see these runner trying to push their limit and meet beyond their expectation. A very good cooperation with my colleagues (E.g passing the bags). It might seen as a simple job, but it requires lots of stamina and concentration to perform these job well by making sure the runners got their bag correctly.” – Khoo from Accounts Department / Team member for Drop bags.

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