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Comments and feedbacks from our runners:-

Wanted to give my sincere thanks to event organizer and sponsor for this fantastic event! The course was nice with well-spaced drinks, foods, aid stations, etc.… Wish them all continued success and selling out quickly in coming & every races! Looking forward to UM24 2016!!!

This was my first 6h track field run, thoroughly enjoyed the course, gorgeous & challenging weather *** me d roasted up… *** and mucho mucho gracias to all the volunteers who was involved in putting this race together & making it such a great experience. Despite the weather conditions, really appreciate their effort and enthusiasm! “The Man Made Rain “ Thanks You Guys!!! Merci Beaucoup!

I was so excited, passionate saw all the 24h ultra runners actions & performed in track field, their mind-set, stamina, endurance … Impressive!!! Amazing!!!! I’m still far farrrrrr away compared with those ultra-runners…

Thanks again event organizer, sponsor, for giving this great opportunity to letting us be a part and learned from this event. Count me in next UM24 race! I’ll be back!!!

P/S.: wishing coming UM24H equip “water fall” for Day section. Pleaseeeeee….. :P

Chia Pei Jyen, Winner for 6hours day

6 hrs jogging under a hot sun and rain in a stadium was a good experience for me for this UM24. Lots of up and down happen to me where I run well at first before my knee start burning up and my back began to feel the pain. Anyway I just ignore it and I just keep on going without giving up. it was unfortunate as I believed that there are many of elite runners & some globelink runner who did not able to run / turn up on that day probably due to the date not suitable because of the postponement to later date from original date. However the good thing is we have nice food and refreshments and great to see the volunteers do all the hard work for event. Perhaps the event will be better if we have more Globelink runners who sign up for the event.

Good job to all the runners and the volunteers who were there and made the event a successful Ultra track Marathon. Everyone is a winner and happy to hear if there is such event been organized again. Thank you to all.

Jimmy Gan, 2nd runner-up for 6 hours day

Good memory for me although my body aching after run! Thanks all the superb volunteers for the warm hospitality during the event and made me a “QUEEN” !!

Overall, it’s an unforgettable & best experience for my 2015.

Yuki Low, runner for 6 hours night

Thanks for the organizer and sponsor to put the effort to the event.

Thanks for the volunteers for helping us to relief the hot under the sun by providing the ice and water.

Olivia Heng, runner for 6 hours day

It was a great experience to be runner participating in 6hrs run & also my very first experience as volunteer in running event. During the event, I’d learnt of strong determination from the runners.

Most importantly happy to see staffs whom participated get to know each other better & closer to each other. Some of the staffs are really good in cheering the runners (potential cheerleader).

Glad that I’m able to help out as volunteer

Jace Kee, runner for 6 hours night

UM24.... Acara ini sangat bagus dari segala aspek peganjuran dan layanan semua krew.

Kalau boleh acara ini dapat di teruskan setiap tahun.Saya berterima kasih kepada bos(steven ong) yang mempercayai dan memberi peluang untuk saya meyertai acara ini.

Sekiranya saya diberipeluang lagi saya akan buat yang terbaik UM24

Mohd. Razmi (Jimmy), 6 hours day

This was my first experience joining the Ultra Marathon. Still able to recall the moment when I received the invitation from my boss, I was so excited but worried that I can’t push myself throughout the 6 hours and give up half way. However, without worrying so much, I accepted the offer as it’s a new challenge for me.

Although I faced some difficulty during my run, I’m glad that I have my Globelink colleagues to encourage me and made the strongest power for me to continue and finally completed my run. Appreciate and thank you all my colleagues. I might not run in good result this round but I’m glad that I have made it to complete my first 6 hours run under the bad weather.

A BIG thanks to my Boss, who giving me strong support and teach me the tactic to run in proper without injuring myself. He also guided me to ease my pain when I’m having leg cramp. Besides, I would like to say thank you to Cynthia who taking care of me during my stay in Banting.

Reeve Sim, 6 hours day

Comments and feedbacks from our volunteers:-

It was my first time being a volunteer in Marathon 24 hours event and a nice experience to gain. The event is good as it made most of the staffs joined to have fun and escaped from work stress.

It also gave us an opportunity to know each other better as we seldom spend time together in office due to different department/floor.

Aiko Chua, Customer Service

I would like to say thank you to take me as a volunteer event. This was my first experience took part in such event and I really enjoyed myself with all the participants (runners and volunteers). I’m looking forward to take part in this event again on 2016.

Nur Ain, Operation

Overall, I felt that the event was well managed and the crew had a lot of fun. Biggest let down of the event maybe the weather as it is very hot in the afternoon and raining in the evening. The food serve to runners are well prepared although I personally think that it is quite excessive. Apart from that, should there be more volunteers to assist in the event and also to participate in the marathon then the event will be more joyous. If the company seek to organize another event, I do recommend everyone to try to participate in the event or also to participate in it.

Benedict Lim, Sales

It’s fun cheering all the runners to motivate them all the time. It’s the feeling of joy that we have been a part of helping others whether far or near.

Julie Tan, Pricing

This was my first experience joining marathon event as a volunteer. It was fun and all the participants very friendly. Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis is nice to eat. Suggest we can have some mission game like explore race in our next event.

Martin Wong, Operation

I’m very happy being a volunteer in last UM24. It is very tiring and fun and I enjoyed to be cheerleading and service the handsome and pretty runners.

Recall back that time, begin my volunteer work at water station, It very hot and i hate because I’m facing toward the sun. And I’m think they are crazy? The runner are crazy. How could they run until 24hour? It is impossible. They don’t need to sleep or don’t feel bored? But when I saw they (24hour runner) run, it look so easy and enjoy, make me feel want to join them too. The 24hour runners are very experience and strong in the competition.

Moreover, the 6 hour runner begin run. They look suffering and muscle pain in the competition. The 6 hour runner did not give up, continued running till the end. I have learned from that, just seeing is very easy but doing is not easy as we imagine. And not to give up “nothing is impossible. No pain no gain”

Furthermore, if next year have UM24, I’ll like to join the competition too. Or let me be a cheerleader. I will like to cheer, sing & dance to the runner, to let them don’t feel bored and enjoy the run in competition.

Thank you very much.

Karin Chua, TS

Firstly I would like to say thank you because give me a chance to be a part of volunteer but honestly I’m not interested to join. However due my responsible towards our job and Globelink, I try to spend my time to give the commitment to all of this. Overall I feel so happy for this event, I think if more can join its better. I honestly admit that I have not given my best energy but thanks to give me a change and challenge through all of this.

Rose, BL

It really a good experience for the 1st time be a volunteer on this event , feel happy and excited to be participate to taking part to join as a runner if there is a chance.

Shirley Yip, Operation

First of all I am very happy to take part in this event as a volunteer because I learn something new through the event. The Ultra Marathon organizer are being nice and make runner as well as the volunteer felt warmth during the event. If there’s any upcoming event in 2016, I will definitely support it and make myself to be a part of the event.

Vinson Gan, Operation

Very inspirational event and I hope next year I will be the runner instead of volunteer !

Yap Lu Ping, Forwarding

The program has been arranged in proper/control. Fully support & work as a team from all the volunteer. Enjoy & happy to be a volunteer for next program set up by GLOBELINK.

Zaliah, Operation

It was my first experience to plan and organise a volunteer team in marathon event. I gained good experience and skilled to lead a team in this 24hours event. Thank you to Globelink for this opportunity and also to our team members for all the supports and effort towards this event. Great job to everyone. Hope we could do better in our next event. See all again in 2016!

Cynthia Low, Team Leader

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